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The lazy daisy stitch is one of those classic techniques that everyone who does decorative stitchwork should know how to do. Lazy daisies are made from individual chain stitches arranged in a circle.   1. Stitch up at A. 2. Stitch back down at A. Do not pull the thread all the way through. 3. Read More

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Hand gestickten Buchstaben. Monogramm schreiben. Floral

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Nike Sportswear City Ready Fleece-Jacke mit durchgehendem Reißverschluss für Damen – Lila NikeNike

In 5-Minuten Mundschutz einfach NÄHEN in 2 Varianten Upcycling Staubmaske, waschbar & nachhaltig Face Protection waschbar bis 95°

Kostenlose Nähanleitung : Turnbeutel mit Kordel #nähen #nähanleitung #nähenmachtglücklich #turnbeutel #berni

Free Crochet Pattern – Little Lamb Lovey

Material-Types, Sewing Machine Needle Tutorial, and Quick Color Guide to figuring out which needles are best for the fabric that you are using.

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